Company Profile

Mission: Through compassionate listening, holistic support services, and meaningful connections, Cerenity Recovery Café is dedicated to fostering a supportive community environment where individuals on their journey to recovery can find solace, empowerment, and renewed purpose.

Vision: To create a community environment where every individual going through recovery or facing mental health struggles has access to a safe and welcoming space where they are embraced without judgment. We aspire to expand our reach, establishing recovery café satellites in urban communities across Anderson, and to continually innovate our programs and services to meet the evolving needs of those we serve.

Key Components:

Resource Center: A centralized hub offering educational materials, literature, and tools for individuals in recovery, along with access to professional holistic services for personalized guidance.
Support Groups: Facilitated peer support groups that foster a sense of community, with specialized sessions tailored to diverse recovery needs.
Workshops and Training: Educational workshops on coping mechanisms, relapse prevention, and life skills, as well as training programs to enhance employability and social integration.
Social Hub: A safe, stigma-free space for socializing and recreation, with events and activities that promote healthy lifestyles and community bonding.
Cerenity Recovery Café aims to be a beacon of hope and support in Anderson, Indiana, helping individuals navigate their recovery journeys with dignity and compassion.