Company Profile

Turning Point System of Care is a not-for-profit, no-barrier community resource center that houses Intake Coordinators, Community Health Navigators and Recovery Coaches that supports Youth and Adults who struggle with addiction and/or mental health and their families. It is our goal to work to meet the needs of clients who are seeking help during crisis or support in their recovery process by providing trained and experienced peers who have lived experience facing the same or similar challenges. Additionally, we have built strong partnerships with all of our local youth and adult serving systems and external providers to ensure that no matter where people are or what challenges they are facing, we have the relationships to meet the needs of everyone in our care. It is these collaborations that help us meet our goals and create interventions that truly can help people overcome barriers to their recovery. We provide a comprehensive risk assessment system to ensure we identify all the ways we can help and to be a preemptive process for us to provide no barrier access, regardless of pay source or income. Turning Point is a well established Community Center with strong community relationships that serves clients with all aspects of needs and in all stages of recovery.