Information Exchange

The Information Exchange is an online service that allows IRN members to share information by sharing and accessing document and media files to help in their day-to-day jobs. You will find documents like best practices, whitepapers, research, and presentations. File formats that can be shared are PDF, MP3 and MP4.

The Information Exchange requires a valid IRN member login for access. After a successful login, you will be shown the list of all available files in the order that they were uploaded - both documents and media.

To access Information Exchange:

    Login » My Services : Information Exchange : View

    OR Login » Participate : Information Exchange

To find specific files, you can search by:

    1. Category: click on the desired category on the dropdown
    2. File type: select from the drop-down list on the right
    3. Tags and Keyword: you can also search for a particular document or media file by entering a keyword in the space provided. This keyword(s) may be found in the tags that the author has added or the title of the file.

When you have found the specific document file that you want, click on the title to show the file information, including author, file size, times downloaded, etc. You can download this by clicking on the download icon. The document will open automatically on your desktop. For security purposes, the system will assign an "unrecognizable name" to your file. You can save the file in your computer and give it a name that you will recognize.

Organization Admins for Recovery Community Organizations have the capability to upload files to the Information Exchange.

Files for upload must be:

  • Informational, relevant and useful resources for members. Brochures and/or promotional materials should not be uploaded in this area. IRN management will remove materials that do not meet the stated criteria.
  • Virus free - please ensure tht your files are free of viruses and other potentially untrusted programs.
  • For your protection, no executables or shell scripts can be uploaded. Accepted file formats are: .pdf (documents); MP3 (media); MP4 (video). Other file formats will be rejected. The maximum file size limit is 5 MB.
Please check for misspellings in your file names, text descriptions and other information before uploading them.

To upload a file:

  • Click on "Upload"
  • Select the file from your computer » Submit
  • Enter the required information about the file that you uploaded. » "Post".

Organization Admins who have uploaded files can:

  • Edit the information, click on the "edit" icon
  • Delete the file, click on the "delete" icon